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        Retinol Night Complex 
Meet fine lines and wrinkles’ worst nightmare!

This new nighttime serum fights the signs of premature aging while your body is naturally resting and rejuvenating cells. It features a ground-breaking, micro-encapsulated delivery system of Retinol. These capsules release on demand to deliver Retinol to the lower levels of the epidermis. Includes time-released Antioxidants to help protect skin against environmental damage, emollients to help retain moisture and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to improve skin texture. This anti-aging serum helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles and improves clarity, tone and texture to reveal a more youthful appearance.

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                                                                 False Lashes

Everyone is wearing them! Available in three styles for any personality, mood or occasion, False Lashes finish off any look from casual to dramatic, day or night. They feature thin, flexible bands for easy application (even for beginners) and most importantly, they are comfortable to wear. The bands are engineered specifically for each lash style to ensure the best shape, design and fit for the eye, and are customizable to fit your eye. These high-quality lashes can be reused with proper care for a variety of wearable lash looks. Pair with your favorite Merle Norman mascara to blend with your natural lashes and for a more dramatic look.              

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CC Cream

     See uneven skin tone and fine lines disappear with this multi-benefit complexion corrector!  It combines the powers of a skin care product and a sun protector with the complexion evening benefits of a light-coverage foundation.  An innovative matrix of skin-benefitting ingredients deliver immediate and long term hydration, improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give a youthful radiance to skin.  CC the difference for yourself!

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Liquid Lipcolor
Finally, the perfect lip color! 
     This innovative lip product is stunning from application to finish!  The ultra-plush applicator deposits just the right amount of smooth, stay true color onto lips.  Its unique whipped texture makes the product easy to apply and a multi-hydration technology system makes it very comfortable to wear.
     The formulation includes a lip plumping ingredient that helps lips appear fuller and smoother (without the usual tingling feel).  You'll love the way your lips look and feel for hours!

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Anti-Blemish Foundation Primer 
     Put a stop to that vicious breakout cycle!  Our new foundation primer features a 2% Salicylic Acid that helps treat and prevent blemishes from forming.  Its silky, oil-free formula extends the wear of foundation.  An elastomer blend helps absorb and control excess oil providing a smooth, matte-like finish that blurs fine lines and pores.  The breakout cycle stops here!

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Gentle Solutions Systems

Not all sensitive skin care products are created equal!  That's why we are pleased to introduce a complete systemthats formulated without irritating colorants, drying alcohols, dyes, fragrance, oil and preservitives.  Each product is designed to deliver results using a blend of Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Cucumber Extracts with new innovative ingredients SymSitive and Unirepair offering additional benefits for sensitive skin. 

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